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Stone Hearth Bakery
organic bakery in Frederick, Maryland


Stone Hearth Bakery is an organic bakery with Fine European Bread and Pastries. Our bakery has been growing not only in size but its menu has been growing and improving over the years. Stone Hearth Bakery has been an established bakery for over 15 yrs and was bought by Ronald about 10 yrs ago. Ronald had a different vision for the bakery, which included creating organic and homemade pastries and bread.

Ronald has over 15 years of experience as a Baker, Ronald is a Bolivian immigrant who came to the United State in search of the “American Dream”. He started working as an apprentice for a master baker and has learned different techniques and ways to create gourmet bread and pastries. After learning everything he could about becoming a baker, Ronald started taking some business courses with a vision of becoming a business owner of a classy bakery.

After preparing himself, Ronald decided to open his own bakery. After searching for a perfect place, Ronald found a place in Gaithersburg, where he founded his first bakery. After successfully running his bakery for over 7 years, he decided to find a sell his current bakery and embark in the adventure of having another bakery. Stone Hearth Bakery was for sale at the time and so Ronald bought the bakery and has been the proud owner for over 7 years. Eventually Ronald sold the bakery on Gaithersburg and focus on Stone Hearth Bakery and has been doing so ever since.
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